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Featured Work

- From Las Vegas Filmmaker Bryen Trawick -


PAWN is a short film featuring Las Vegas actor Stu Chaiken. Written and directed by Bryen Trawick. Shot on Sony FX6. 

Blooming Mojave

Blooming Mojave is a feature documentary about the iconic Joshua Tree of the Mojave being threatened by the increasing temperatures caused by climate change. The species is at risk, and the problem is multifaceted, form increased pollution, wildfires, and a warmed and more arid climate. Our goal is to shed light onto this important issue, and document how beautiful the desert is, before we loose it's keystone Joshua Tree. 




Visit the website to find out more.
The Void

The Void is an experimental art piece featuring acrobat & aerialist Lea Hinz. Choreographed by Briana Bowie, this piece is about the struggles of coping with everyday life during a pandemic, and the freedom that comes with opening up and finding community again after isolation. Shot on Panasonic Lumix S1H. 

The Void

The Void

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Metamorphosis is is the official music video for Las Vegas based artist Rina Nahri. Directed by Bryen Trawick, and edited by Haley Whalen, this video touched on elements of nature and the mind to bring visuals to the idea of changing from the darkness into one's higher self. Shot on Panasonic GH5M2. 

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